is an experiment in data driven journalism which I designed for It depicts the most recent events from Russia's modern history, as seen by local mass media. After analysing four million articles, aggregated by site from 2006 till 2015, hot topics of the period were defined and split into three categories—events, people, and countries—thus giving a clear picture of what had the most impact on the Russian reader.
My task, as a designer, was to present the gathered data as an easy-to-navigate online story.
Icon set for events
Created by:
Design, Illustrations – Bogdana Serebriyan
Photo/video – Mikhail Stetsovski
Texts – Valentina Vzdulska, Olga Opanasenko, Alisa Ivanistsaya, Valery Krasikov
Front-end – Andrey Kusimov, Denis Mikhailenko, Dmitry Belyaev
Back-end – Pavel Scherbinin, Eugeny Skachkov
Project Manager – Olga Sidorova
Producers – Serhii Paranko, Anatoly Rozhkov

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