Taras Shevchenko
& The Modern Era
Editorial illustrations for an article dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of the famous Ukrainian poet. Authors offer an alternative view of Shevchenko's legacy
A Jazz band performing songs based on Shevchenko's poetry
R2-D2 observing holograms of Shevchenko in a museum of the future
A contemporary art exibition, which uses an augmented reality mobile app to give visitors more information about Shevchenko's art works
A possible blockbuster with Russel Crowe based on Shevchenko's poem "Haydamaky". Now in 3d!
Interactive cinema of the future, where viewers can watch a movie based on their plot choices. Quotes from Shevchenko's poems "Kavkaz" and "Kateryna" were used in this illustration
A rock band using distinguishing elements of Shevchenko's style in their costumes
Reference to a famous historical photo of Leonid Brejnev kissing Erich Honekker. The juxtaposition of old and young Shevchenko in contemporary culture represents different ideological approaches to his legacy: traditional and innovative

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